Gateway Wizard Putter Pack - Mystery Box

Gateway Wizard Putter Pack - Mystery Box

If you love the Gateway Wizard Putter then you are going to love this putter pack! This pack contains 3 Gateway Wizards in multiple different plastic types. Putters range from the Wizard Pure White to the Wizard SSSS pulled right from our shelves. While the contents of each box are a Mystery, deals boxes are generally packaged in bulk at the same time. If you are looking for a larger variety of discs, it is recommended that you do not purchase more than 1 within a short time as they will likely contain duplicate discs. 


This box contains:

  • 3 Random/Mystery Wizard Putters
  • Quarenteed to be three different plastic types


The box will include an assortment of x-out, misprint, special edition, limited run, tournament stamp, or stock stamp discs. No refunds or exchanges. Because the price of the deals box is so low, this product does not qualify for free shipping.


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